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march4sale.gif (8441 bytes)DISTRESS SALE! I am moving on Oct. 1, and need to sell EVERYTHING!   Make offer if interested in purchasing many items - let's work out a deal!
Postage costs are extra - when possible I'll give you a choice of First Class or Priority.   Insurance is your choice / your risk. . Most prices are substantially lower than the 2000 CVG prices.
Everything is in MINT condition, NON smoking, pet free home!
Offers considered!
This page changes often, as I add more Boyds. Last Update: 09/07/02

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Boyds Pins
All pins are on their original cardboard. Original plastic sleeves are shown in photograph when available.
Click on the underline to view Photo when available

Alden & Priscilla $8 Murgatryd the Xmas Moose $25
Bailey's Bonnet '94 SIGNED by Gary (THB quit signing pins about 96-97) $25
Elgin Elf Bear $12 *Rare variation with brown fur on hat Ralph (with plastic) $6
Edmund and Bailey, Caroling $10 Shelley's Flight $8
Elliot and the Lights  $8 Santa Cat $15
*RARE with original sleeve!
Edmund..Believe $8 Shelley's Flight $8
Edmund & Bailey $8 Springtime Bessie $8
Homer $8 2634 The Sisters $8
Heather Hugs N Kisses  $4  
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Boyds Resin
all resin include original box/insert except when noted
Click on the underline to view Photo when available

Above the Clouds Ornie Holder $18 1E
Above the Clouds Ornie Holder5E  $10
Amelia's Enterprise 14E $25
Arthur with Red Scarf  9E $75
Bailey the Baker 14E (not RS!) $19
Bailey as the Bride - GCC $30
Bailey and Becky The Diary 1E $60 ORIGINAL CASTING - NOT RS!
Bailey and Emma Forever Friends 11 E $60
SOLDBailey in the Orchard Paw print on jug $52
Bailey the Graduate  (not RS!) $40 1E
Bailey at the Beach $80 12E
Bailey Bear with Suit Case 21 E  $20
Bailey Honey Bear 12e $15
Bailey..Poor Ol' Bear 1E (SDR - very HTF) $70
Bailey..Poor Ol' Bear 2E (SDR - very HTF) $50
SOLD Baily's Birthday $18
Bailey & Wixie To have and to hold 22E $38
Bessie the Santa Cow 5E $38
Byron and Chedda CatMint! 2E -RARE - NO PATCHES Variation $90
Celeste Angel Rabbit  $57 14E
Charity Angelbear Ornie - $22
Charlotte and BEBE the Gardeners 11E $32
Christian By the Sea  # 25E/25  $28
Clarence Angel   Bear 11 E $41
Clarence & Raphael Sconce - 2E $17
Cookie the Santa Cat 3E $45
The Collector GCC $30  24E Variation 2 (original casting)
Daphne & Maisey Ewe 15E $45
Daphne & Eloise Womens Work 8E $23
Daphne & Eloise 1E MUSICAL 2760SF "you've got a friend"
Edmund & Bailey Gathering Holly 8E $20
Edmund Deck the Halls Plaque - GCC Exclusive LE $28
Edmund the Graduate 1E ORIGINAL CASTING - NOT RS! $40
Elgin the Elf Bear 6E - $40
Elliot & Snowbeary 3E  $55
Ewell & Walton Manatoba Mooselmen Canadian Exc. $50
Elvira and Chauncey Fritzbruin..Shipmates 1E $45
Emma Witchy bear 7E $25
Feldman D Finklebearg ..Painless 1E $45
Flying Lesson (THE) This end Up Musical LE JAN 1997 $90
Grace and Jonathan Born to Shop 1E $55
Grant & Clari LE $45
Grenville the Santa Bear $50 25E
Grenville and Beatrice Best Friends 5E $35
Grenville and Beatrice True Love 2E $80
Grenville with RED SCARF - no box 11E $50
Grenville the Graduate - $40
Grenville Matthew and Bailey Checkers 2E $60
Grenville the Story Teller LE April $50
Grenville  & Neville  THE SIGN  RARE Brown bottom!! My very first Boyds Piece! $135
SOLDHoney Bee Mine (AKA Bailey..a little bit of honey) $35  GCC Limited Edition
Humbolt, the Simple Bear 2E NOT RS!! Original Version - RARE! $40
Judge Griz...hissonah  1E ORIGINAL $55
Justina & M. Harrison...Sweetie Pies 7E $55
1E Harry & Millie through the years $30
Kringle & Company RED $25
Knute & the Gridiron 10E $35
Kringle & Bailey with List 18E -$35
Louella & Hedda, the secret original version!  $48 1E
Lucy Big Pig Little Pig 2E $125.00 Canadian Exc.
Manheim the Eco Moose 2E $60
Maynard Santa Moose 2E $60
Matthew with Kip Baby's Xmas 97 $10 ORNIE
Momma McBear..anticipation  $55 1E
Momma Bear and Caladonia 1E $50
Ms Griz...Saturday Night GCC 1E $50
Ms Griz...Monday Morning 4E $23
Mrs Bruin, the teacher (pagent series) $30 1E
Manheim the Eco Moose 2E $50
Manheim the Santa Moose 2E $65
Margo Ballerina 1E $35
LE Matthew with Kip Baby's first Xmas 1997 $19
Moriarty Bear in Cat Suit! 11E $80
Neville  Compubear -  1E Original Version RARE! $50
Neville Bedtime Bear - 12E $45
Neville Compubear Nine to Five MUSICAL #2768SF 1E $50
Noah & Company LE JUNE $80
Prince Hamalot  Special Event Piece '97 $43
SOLD Sherlock and Watson in disguise $50
Sebastions Prayer 5E $42
Simone De Bearvoire 24E $90
Sir Edmund Persistance  2E
Stonewall..the Rebel $50 1E
TH Bean, the Bearmaker Elf 1E SIGNED BY GARY! $80
TH Bean, the Bearmaker Elf 1E (unsigned) $62
Ted and Teddy 16E $35
Velma Q Bearriweather..the Cookie Queen $45
Uncle Elliot The Head Bean wants YOU! FOB Exclusive, first year -1996 $65 MINT
SOLD Union Jack Love Letters 2E  $55
Uncle Gus and Gary...the Gift BEARSTONE QVC EXCLUSIVE 1997 - $80
Velma  Q Berriweather...the cookie queen FOB '97 $55
Wings to Soar FRAME LE JAN $40
Wilson the Perfesser  3E $45
Wilson With Love Sonnets 44E $68
Wilson the Wonderful Wizard of Wuz 2E $46
Zoe, Angel of Life - LE Mint, new in box - $45

Wee Folk Stones  /  Folkstones

Angel of Freedom FS  10e $30 ORIGINAL CASTING
Astrid Isinglass Snow Angel LE -1997 $65
1E Axel...thou shalt not melt ORNIE $17
Flossie Faeriefloss  CANADIAN LE $48
1E Gabrielle faerie WFS (name was later changed to "gossip faerie". $30
1E Helga w/ Ingrid and Anna...Be Warm $35
1E  Half Pipe...the hotdogger   $21
1E Ingrid Be Warm Ornie$18
Jean Claude & Jaque The Skiers 2E ORIGINAL Casting $22
1E Kristabell Faerie Frost Frost Faerie $22
1E Krystal Isinglass Snow Angel  $50 FS
SOLD Luminette...LE Folkstone '98 $48 FS
1E Olaf..Let it Snow Ornie $15
1E Mistletoe and Holly...First Chirstmas Snowball ORNIE 1997 LE $22
1E Montague Von Hindenmoose...Surprise!  $42
1E Polaris & the North Star - the FIRSTBoyds resin Polar Bear $45
1E Pearl too.... the Knitter $32
1E Pearl.... the Knitter $28
1E Slurp and the snowcone stand 1E $28
1E Standley The Stickhandler WFS-Canadian Ex $37
1E T.H. Bean..the bearmaker Elf WFS $60
T.H. Bean..the bearmaker Elf WFS $30 3E
HTF Windy with Book  16E $42


Bailey...Magic Show LE  JUNE  $40
Courtney w/ Pheobe...Over the River and Through the Woods GCC Exclusive 1E  $80
Water Globe - RARE? Box sticker says "Megan and Clarence the Angel" , Listed in CVG as "Megan with Elliot..Christmas Carol". This is a 1E, and it was strange when I purchased it, the water had no snow in it. This could be a sample of some kind, am unsure about it. I purchased it retail, from a store when it first came out.  1E $70
Rebecca & Elliot 1E $25

Votives & Water Globes

Edmund Elf Holiday Glow Votive 3E - $22
Elgin & Elliot Toasty Warm VOTIVE  3E $25
Grenville Santa Bear  - The FIRST Boyds Water Globe -  Excellent condition - NO air bubble! $50
Mrs Bruin and Bailey TeaTime VOTIVE 2E ORIGINAL Casting $30
Maynard & Melvin..Tales of the North Votive 1E $37
Yukon & Kodiak Folkstone Votive 1E $30
Simone and Bailey Helping Hands Water Globe - has airbubble so have reduced price - 1E -$20
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Boyds Plush
All plush include original hang tag except when noted. None of my Critters smoke! None of my critters have any pets.
Click on the underline to view Photo when available - request a photo

Leon $16
Auggie Bruin $41
Al'berta LE Canadian $35 EXCLUSIVE Murgatroyd VH Moose $42
Auntie Alice $32
Major II $30
Blackstone $14 MacMillan $19
Barnaby B Bean $18 Merton Flatberg dog $25
Brewin Brown Polar $65 Mistle Green bear $25
McKenzie  $9
Beauregard Bubba QVC $55 Madison Bearington, Mohair - RED TAG $30
Neville $10
Otto Von Bruin Woolie $35
Paxton P Bean $14
Percy $7
Peter Hare in gingham jumper $20
Cavendish Red Bear $35
Eunice Snow Beary $15 Rosie Pig $26
Cecil old little bear $18 Reagan Bearington, Blue tag $42
Calidonia $9.00
Callahan $38
Dolly Q Bunnycombe Oddity - 2 sewn in tags - one in each leg! Mohair Hare $35 Sheffield Pig $12
Dickie Lionheart Lion $9 Sadie Ewe lamb HTF $85
5708 Eden $18 Thor Beariman - first blue eyed bear! $34
Eddie Bean Bauer (before name change) $35 TIPPER - $32 Bears in the Attic
Fidelity B Morgan $25
Essex white bear $33 Watson  8" bear in bunny suit $20
Walton $30
Wilson $20
Hank Crow Jr $25
Higgins $37
Yu'Kon Canadian Exclusive $33
Humbolt $9
Jacque Le Grenouille Woolie Frog VHTF $65


Lambsie $14
Angelina Cat $10
Bear with Love pillow blue/wht scarf & hat $6.00
Clarence $17
Comet Ornie $6 Very Old Pair O Pigs - $45/set
Juliette $7.00
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Boyds Accessories

extremly HTF! Lord Fauntleroy velvet coat 93/94 $35
Boyds metal doll/bear stand $7.00
Small Sweaters - $8.00 each - your choice
Large Sweaters - $10 each
Pumpkins, with handles - your choice of shape - $7/each.
65153 Lg Picnic Basket   $8.00
HMS Boyds Rowboat, Large Burgandy with 2 oars $9.00
HMS Boyds Rowboat, SM green w/2 oar $6.00
Woodland log $5.00
Sweetie Pie Rack $30 - I have enough pies to fill it, you can have as many as you need for $4.50 each.
Old "Buzz's Beeskep" bee hive w/bees '93-95 $18

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