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compann.gif (4744 bytes)My most memorable meal would have to be one that I had on my honeymoon. This was a long time ago, but I can still remember it. We were honeymooning in New Orleans. We wanted to go to a fancy restaurant. We were all dressed up. It was very nice. I have forgotten the restaurants name, but remember it was in the French Quarter. I love seafood, well most seafood. Hubby convinced me to ordered BBQ shrimp. It sounded really good. My hubby ordered steak. After a wonderful appetizer and salad we received our meal. I looked down and almost passed out. Looking at me from my plate were my shrimp. They still had their heads and shell. I was sick. I can't eat anything that is looking at me. My hubby ended up pealing them. I think I ate a few, but oh I did not enjoy it. It was definitely an experience I will not soon forget. My hubby still kids with me about the shrimp. If you are ever in New Orleans and see BBQ shrimp on the menu. I recommend you pass on it.

compruth.gif (4590 bytes)One of my most memorable dinners was the evening Steve proposed to me. We were in Kansas City for a casino opening and were eating in one of the many buffets they had there. It was my first time in a casino..and had been planning all day to eat like a pig when we got to the buffet..he proposed to me in the LONG line..needless to say...I hardly ate a thing..but it was the best food I had ever put in my mouth!!

compglenn.gif (4011 bytes)It was our 10th anniversary of being together... We had celebrated 9 years of marital bliss the month before, but this was a night even more special to us. That story lurks somewhere on a Prince Charming page! Back to dinner....

Bruce worked during the day, and at the time, I was home all of the time. I shopped behind his back for all sorts of tidbits and treasures. I'd spent weeks searching out just the "right" dishes, washing the crystal and china, polishing the silver and making sure the linens were fresh and crisp! Nothing but the meal preparation for the final day...

When Bruce returned from work that day, our dining area had been turned into "Chez Roseberry" for the night! The table was set with powder blue linens, sparkling crystal, and shining silverware and serving pieces. On the table was a hand lettered menu du jour....

In my finest hand (Calligraphy, no less) I described our evening repast...we began with an appetizer of prosciutto and fresh melon (both cantaloupe and honeydew). Our soup was vichyssoise. Next was a tossed green salad of fresh baby greens with an herbed vinaigrette. The entree was chicken Florentine, sauced in fresh hollandaise, with steamed fresh summer vegetables to accompany. Dessert was chocolate mousse, served in matching stemware.

Needless to say, we dined "in" that evening!

We don't dine at home quite to that degree very often, but it sure is fun when we do!

compdor.gif (4766 bytes)One of my most memorable meals was on our 10th wedding anniversary. Pete and I were just laughing about this a few days ago. It may be one of those "you had to be there" stories, but it never fails to make us smile. Here goes:

My sister and brother-in-law were married three weeks after we were, in July 1968 and for years, we never got to celebrate our anniversaries together. For our 10th anniversaries, they decided to come from Florida to visit us in Pittsburgh and wanted to go to "the best" restaurant in town for our anniversary dinner. We selected a special one on Grandview Avenue, overlooking downtown Pittsburgh with a beautiful view of the three rivers and city lights. They were well known for their French cuisine and lovely ambiance. Imagine our disappointment when we arrived for our reservation and they didn't have a window table reserved for us. We were young still and "green" and didn't realize that a tip for the maitre de might have secured us a table with a view! Well, we took our lousy table and ordered wine, which my b-i-l decided wasn't up to HIS standards, and sent back. That was a first for me. After much discussion and amusement trying to decipher the menu, our orders were placed and we settled back to enjoy our fancy and expensive (!) French meal. We got through our appetizers without a problem, and the next course was salad, which our waiter prepared tableside with great drama and flourishes. After a few minutes, my dear brother-in-law summoned the waiter and with an absolutely straight face asked him if he would please bring him more water and another salad - "and could he have one WITHOUT a hair in it this time?" With that he lifted up his fork which had a long black hair dangling from the tines! We all burst out in hysterical laughter and nearly fell out of our seats. By the time we had composed ourselves and wiped the tears from our cheeks, the entire restaurant was staring! We tried our best to behave for the remainder of the evening, but every time my sister and I made eye contact we were off again in peals of laughter. We love to recall that meal, and some things never change... it's still true that you can dress us up, but you can't take us out... especially not without our Depends!

comprose.gif (5115 bytes)My most recent memorable meal was one spent with friends of ours at a very nice restaurant, The company was great, dinner was delicious and the atmosphere was perfect..We have been to that  restaurant twice now and both times with the same people and have had the same feeling about it the whole meal..

comptami.gif (4134 bytes)Well, the first memorable meal that came to mind, was waaaayyy back in 1984! Dave and I had been dating for about two months is all, and I was just about to graduate from High School. He took me to the Mill Restaurant in Idaho Falls, of the nicer restaurants there at the time. (I don't think it is still there now) Anyway, it was a very nice and romantic dinner. We had a great time. He gave me 12 red roses for finishing 12 years of schooling. We talked about very special things that night and we both knew that we would be together forever. And of course, we ended the night telling each other that we loved each other. Ahhhhh... :o)

compshar.gif (5465 bytes)One of my most memorable dinners was in January, 1996, right here in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Six of us went to the Skyline Restaurant at the N.S.B. Airport. They have wonderful food, although "pricey". We had excellent seafood entrees, and then my sil and I decided to order their "Citrus Coffee". Hmmmmmmmmm - we really didn't know what it was - but - out came the cart and waiter to perform a 30 minute preparation! The orange was dramatically peeled, all in one piece,after it was soaked in various liquors, then it was ignited. What a show!!!!! Definitely worth the $15.00 and very good too!!!!!!!!

compjnt.gif (5272 bytes)It was July, 1995 and it was a surprise birthday party for my mom. My sister was caring for her (hospice style) as she was fighting the last bouts with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Weak, but ever feisty, she came out that door and couldn't believe her eyes. Here stood some fifty plus friends and family from all over the state to celebrate her 70th birthday. We were there to honor her for all that she had done and for being a friend - more than a sister or even a mom, but a true friend to each and everyone of us. Loads and loads of gag gifts (some serious, but not many) and some touching tributes that reduced us all to tears. I, being the oldest, was enlisted to be the MC of the hour and hating every minute of it, did it for mom. There were many times we all just had to stop to regain our composure. It was a wonderful time. She didn't have a clue what we were up to. It was the first and only surprise party she ever had and she talked about it for months. You see, God answered every prayer. Her prayer was that she not suffer in excruciating pain. That had always been her greatest fear. God was so gracious and she never once had to take any heavy duty pain meds. She went home to be with Jesus on Nov 1st. The party was a huge success! What did we eat, who knows?!? All I do know is that it will forever be the most memorable meal I've ever had.

compmic.gif (5715 bytes)Any meal at my grandma's house is always a delightful memory. She is the best cook I have ever known. My grandma makes my favorite meal when me and my husband Royce go down to visit. It melts in your mouth almost! This meal has also become my husband's favorite too. It consists of Salisbury steak, creamed potatoes, candied sweet potatoes w/ marshmallows on top, and for dessert she makes a Strawberry cake. We're going home for Easter and I can't hardly wait to see my grandparents. Next to this meal she makes the best Chicken tortilla soup.

compjean.gif (3514 bytes)The dinner that stands out in my memory of great dining experiences took place 36 years ago and always brings a smile to my face & joy to my heart! Ron & I were newly married & had every thing one could need to dine in style ~ lots of pretty dishes, glassware, etc. but no dining set yet. I didn't know how to cook so Ron made a big batch of Hungarian Goulash. He put in in 1 large bowl & we sat on the floor, backs against the kitchen wall, and ate from the shared bowl! The company, the food, everything thing was perfect! Ahhhhhhhh 3 cheers for young love!

compsal.gif (5230 bytes)One of the most memorable restaurant experiences I've had was years ago...1984, we were at the Viceroy of India in London. The food was incredible...I particularly remember the Indian bread and the coconut dessert with a very thin layer of real gold on top - pure heaven! The ambiance was wonderful as well.  Johnny was with us - four years old at the time- and the waiters seemed very taken with him. He grew up dining out so he was very well behaved. Near the end of the meal, one of the waiters came out and scooped our son out of his chair and said he would be right back. He took Johnny to the kitchen for a tour. To this day, Johnny says he was frightened (but he didn't cry) because of the huge knives in the kitchen....but it did make for a very memorable occasion since we still talk about it once in a while!

dotcomp.gif (3976 bytes)About 15 years ago at a Family Reunion in San Antonio, TX, we had a farewell dinner at a Dining Room in an exclusive Highrise condo. Except for our host I think we all came away with indigestion and I was a nervious wreck. Twenty adults and two children were seated at a very long formal table. Each of us had a Waiter (Server)that stood behind our chairs. We got individual service. If I took a sip of water, my glass was refilled, when I ate an olive and put the pit on my butter plate, the pit was removed with a spoon almost before I moved my hand.
Can't remember what I ate other than olives and a little cucumber
Our host was a (he thought) Mr. VIP, the world traveler millionaire, but though he invited us and made the arrangements, he informed my husband (his uncle) that our bill was !!!.!! plus !!.!! tip for our two Servers. I was very upset.

compjaj.gif (5807 bytes)My best(maybe worst) dinner I think I'll remember for always was our first dinner on our first cruise in 1996...we waited such a long time for this we went with my in-laws we departed from Florida to Mexico for 4days and three nights...leaving port was beautiful but as soon as we hit open waters all h...... broke loose and the ship went up and down... up and down.. up and down...till you almost couldn't stand it except for me and my mother-in law we didn't feel a thing..well I never realized how much my dear hubby was feeling it till we hit dinner that night picture this wonderful ships dining room like you can't imagine so beautiful set tables to the hilt and noone was there...yup everyone was sick so our party of four took our table as did a few others in the room but very soon into the dinner (that was beyond words to discribe so beautiful) my dear hubby lost it as did his Dad well there really wasn't much we could do so my mother in law and I stayed and ate all by ourselv!
es...the dinner I thought would be the most romantic of my life time became the worst of my life time...I'll never forget it....
there is a good P.S. to this hubby got a shot from the ships Doctor and the rest of our cruise was breath taking and as romantic as I dreamed...

compdonna.gif (5605 bytes)My brother and I hosted a 50th anniversary dinner for our parents in Dec. of '99. We chose the best restaurant and had beautiful flowers, crystal, china and terrific food. Seeing the love shining in my parents eyes after 50 years of marriage was a blessing.
A few very special hours in celebration shared with close family and dearest friends & neighbors.

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